Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Something to shout about

Thank you Tatler Magazine for opening my world to Linkee. Love this game!

The concept of the game is clever and really quite simple - it’s a card game with talking.

On the back of each card is a letter (not the whole alphabet – just L.I.N.K and E…it’s like that song) and on the front are four questions. Your opponent draws a card from the set and asks you each question in turn. Your aim is to (internally or on paper, if you wish) note the answers to each, with the goal of finding the common link that ties them all together.

For example – if your answers were John, Paul, George and Ringo, the Linkee would be The Beatles. 

Once you’ve got it, you shout out “Linkee!” - which is great fun. (You’ll note from previous blog posts that I love games that force you to shout silly words.)

You then keep hold of that card and the winner is the first player to spell out LINKEE with their cards.

Simple, honest fun.

Well, I say simple but I think perhaps this game is best played with the younger generation. Not very PC I know, but I introduced Linkee to my unsuspecting parents at Christmas, and they found the whole thing a bit confusing and stressful.

Or maybe that was just down to my fast-paced game play – not wanting to toot my own horn, but I am very good at Linkee. It’s scary – I think my mind must work in the same way as the game’s creators. Is there a scientific word for that? Oh who cares – we just think Linkee!

It all comes in a really gorgeous box. Very satisfying. And it’s all punky-coloured – which is jolly.

We’ve taken to playing it in pubs – not sure why as it is a bugger to fit in your handbag and you have to talk aloud. This can annoy fellow pub goers. But it looks bloody good – you get lots of jealous looks…

Travel Linkee next? Ah – just seen there is now an app for that. Fabulous.

Testament to its greatness is that Linkee has been made into a TV game show…which is TERRIBLE! Sorry, but it’s just not for me.

The personality of the creators really comes across in the game, and I love that. Gives it a bit of edge – a very British board game (aargggh, I apologise!).

They also actively encourage participation from the general public (brave? crazy?) to create new Linkees. I feel ashamed to say after all my boasting that I am yet to create one…all gob and no action.

But I’m very much hoping a version 2 will be released soon, as at the rate I’m rattling through it I will run out of Linkees before the year is out. And that would be sad.

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